Love Potion No.9

I need to get me some of this!!

Best iPhone App ever... (until a better one comes along)

I've just discovered the Instagram iPhone app, which gives your pics various nostalgic effects. My fave is the 'early morning' setting. Here are some of my Instagram snaps...

altogether now... ahhhhhh cute

my very gorgeous niece xx

oh look it's me!!

Is it me you're looking for?

Continuing with my love of type, this little fellow will be the next challenge for my Gocco printer and will be created into lovely welcoming little notelets...

New project

The aim is to produce a beautiful illustrated letter of the alphabet each week. So lets start at the very beginning (I heard it's a very good place to start)... Introducing the letter A.

Life Drawing Class

Here are a couple of my sketches from the Life Drawing class this week, organised by Katherine Attwell.

Sketchbook Project - FAIL :(

I started off the sketchbook project all guns blazing and confident I would fill up my sketchbook in no time at all, that was back in September... and... well... life got in the way and I have failed miserably to complete it. I feel awful but this has been my problem of late, always starting things and getting distracted and starting other things. Well it is my new years resolution to actually FINISH a project. It CAN be done, it WILL be done, WHO'S WITH ME!?